Checking out the a/c

My mother passed away two short years ago! After satisfactory time spent grieving, going over the will and acquiring his old house, our partner and I are finally ready to sell it, we’ve spent several long months going through his belongings and making sure they get to the appropriate family members. Now that this is completed, we’ve begun to sell the furniture that remains at tag sales and getting the apartment ready to be staged by our real estate agent. But before the two of us can even get that far, the two of us have to have the apartment fully checked out and evaluated, only when the two of us have an correct estimate in hand can the two of us stage, as the price will affect the type of purchaser, and how the two of us placed our apartment for sale. Well, our real estate agent just called our partner with some poor news. The apartment is not valued for as much as the two of us thought it would be, then he and I really thought the two of us would fetch a great penny for it based on similar homes in the area, and however, our mom let some things go in the apartment during his last few years, and one of those things is the Heating and A/C unit, but the air duct is in lousy shape, and the outdated gas furnace needs some harsh task done, and if the two of us sell the apartment as is, with the ailing heating and cooling system, we’ll have to drastically drop down the price. Our only other option is to service the gas furnace and central AC, and possibly make a few updates to the apartment that would also help increase the value for sale. I’m leaving the decision up to my lovely partner to decide how much task the two of us want to put into this house.

ac plan