Childhood HVAC device

My childhood home was such a positive memory for me. Growing up on a three-acre piece of land and having our own barn, were the best parts about it. I was always outside playing sports and messing around by our pond. During the summer we would play football and during the winter we would ice-skate on the pond. I would take my dog out and play with him for hours. Basically, I grew up outdoors. It was a very old, moldy, and small home, but I loved every inch of that place. When I was outside all the time, there was nothing better than coming inside to a nice air-conditioned or heated home. When I was young, my family had a few window air conditioners, but that was it. They were nice, but my mom would always turn it off in the morning to conserve electricity, and they didn’t properly cool the entire house. The air conditioners didn’t fit into our windows, so we had to tape them down. As I grew older, my parents decided to invest in central air conditioning. It was a life saver. Unlike our window air conditioners, the heater at my home was more than exceptional. My parents always made sure that our heater was serviced every year to ensure comfortability during the winter. Waking up in the morning was a struggle during the winter because our home was always very comfortable. I am very lucky to have had a great HVAC system in my home and to have had a tremendous HVAC provider and HVAC technician that were always available to help us out.