Christmas day carpet emergency

When my son graduated from high school, all he wanted to do was get his own business. He lucked out when he found someone who owned a carpet cleaning service. He started working with the man, by going into condominiums and cleaning the carpeting before the new tenants would move in. They had special cleaning products they used to get all kinds of stains out of the carpeting. He even learned how to lay carpeting onto the floors, and what chemicals you needed for different stains. Whenever he started talking about the carpet cleaning business, I saw a spark in him. He really liked what he was doing. Next thing I knew, the owner of the company had given him his own truck and set him free. He had his own district, and he was quickly getting his own clients. Even when he wasn’t working, he was setting up appointments for different apartment buildings. His wife would get upset if he had to go out on holidays when there was an emergency. I remember we were visiting for Christmas and there was an emergency in one apartment. The hot water heater had broken, and the entire apartment was flooded. He had to go to the apartment and suck all of the water out of the carpeting, and clean. They had to make sure no mold formed. Sucking out the water was bad enough. It was the time consuming process of making sure the wood floors beneath, were dry and treated. The carpeting needed special treatment and he ended up being at the apartment until after dark.

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