Christmas is right here

I walked outside this day & I just about shivered.

The air felt prefer fall & even the leaves had a tinge of red to them.

I was resting there wondering what happened to summer time when my hubby came out & handed me a cup of coffee. He told me I had left the door open & the heat was heading outside. I didn’t even realize the oil furnace had turned on. I thought it was warm in the apartment because it was warm outside. I shivered a bit as I walked into the apartment & I stood there for a moment. He asked me what I was thinking about & I told he couldn’t laugh. I told him it felt prefer Christmas is right around the corner. He laughed although I told him not to. He told me Christmas was still almost 3 weeks away. I knew that meant I had a lot to do. Both of us still needed to get the chimney cleaned so every one of us could use the fireplace. I didn’t know he had the oil furnace worked on yet & it was already running. I made a list to call the chimney sweep & the Heating & A/C corporation. I asked if there was anything else I needed to do before every one of us needed to have the oil furnace running all the time. He laughed & told me to let summer time end before I upset about winter. It felt prefer it was already fall outside. The frosty feel of the forty degree air was enough to get me into Wintertide mode already. As much as I’m not ready for it, I still have to consider what needs to be done before Wintertide rears its ugly head


Heating tune up