Christmas sick

This past Christmas was really awful for me, and I did not feel like it even came. I honestly missed Christmas this year because I was sick! Or, so I thought I was sick. It turned out that I woke up with a plugged up nose and was sneezing and feeling real awful. I was not running a temperature though. I then found out that it was the bad air quality both outdoors and indoors in my house! After finding this out, when I felt a little better the next day, I was talking to my neighbor about it, and they suggested I look into getting an air purifier or air purification system installed into my home’s heating and cooling machine. I had never heard of an air purification system that goes into a home’s heating and cooling unit, so this really interested me! The first thing I did when I woke up the day after Christmas is called my local heating and cooling corporation and inquired about the air purification system that went inside the heating and cooling machine unit! I was shocked to find out how expensive it was! There was no way I could really afford this right now on the very little money I make. However, these allergies from the dust, pollen and dander is getting ridiculous. So, after thinking about it, I am going to take out a small loan to get this air purification system installed into my home’s heating and cooling machine as soon as I can get the loan approved! I will not miss another holiday due to bad air quality! That is one thing I promise myself!

air quality