Cleaning all our filters

There is actually little that I do not like as much as I do not like camping.  I used to go camping with my children, but it was constantly under protest. They wanted to go out on the lake plus fish.  I was expected to disinfect the fish plus cook them. The cooking wouldn’t have been so bad, but I had to sit over a smoky fire to cook.  The worst section of camping, was that the only form of heating both of us had was the campfire. I remember leaving the flap of the tent open, hoping to get some heat from the campfire, so both of us didn’t shiver all night long.  It seemed that no matter how insulated the sleeping bag was, it would inevitably rain, plus nothing stopped the dampness. I soon found that I would have to take the sleeping bags into town, plus dry them at the laundromat. On one of my jaunts, I went for a ride, plus I found this lovely little motel.  It was dry, plus it had HVAC. It had tepid water plus showers. While the clothes plus sleeping bags were drying, I rented a room, plus took a long tepid shower. I then relaxed in the air conditioning for an hour. When I got back to camp, my kid was complaining because she was wet plus she didn’t feel good.  I told my partner I had to run into city for some medicine. I took her to the motel, where she got a tepid shower, put on some disinfect clothes, plus enjoyed the air conditioning for an hour, before both of us went back to camp, plus never told anyone our secret.

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