Cleaning my dusty HVAC unit

I probably don’t take the best care of my HVAC unit, I’ll admit it. My heating and cooling unit is kept in my garage, and since I rarely visit there, they end up collecting a crap ton of dust. I guess this wouldn’t be too bad except when I go to do basic repairs like changing the a/c filter, and I literally get covered in dust. You know it’s bad when I do HVAC technician and starts coughing really loudly when he’s around my HVAC system. It’s kind of embarrassing, so to prevent stuff like this from happening, for both me and my guest’s sake, I have decided to start giving it a weekly clean. I already give my home a weekly clean involving cleaning the windows, the counters, the furniture and the floor, so adding the HVAC component won’t hurt. Sure enough, as soon as I took a damp paper towel over and cleaned both my a/c and furnace, and by the time I was done the bottom of the paper towel was literally black. I was disgusted at how much filth has built up on my heater and AC overtime, and this only cemented my decision to clean my HVAC device every week. A few months later and I have been cleaning now every week and now there is very little dust. Even guests have commented that my house and the air quality feels a lot better. Now I might just need to up the amount of HVAC maintenance I have and I will be good to go.


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