Climate control is ideal

My dad was a chef for many years when I was a child. He was always teaching me new recipes and bringing me into his kitchen to work. The one thing I always remembered about his kitchen was how hot it was. I couldn’t believe that the cooks were ok with being that hot while working. I always joked that when I had a restaurant I would have the best air conditioner in the world, my cooks would never be hot. My dad explained that if he turned the thermostat up, then the customers would be too cold. This made sense to me back then, but now I know this is not the case. I have had my own restaurant now for a few years, and I lived up to my promise of a nice cool kitchen. When the kitchen was being built out I had an HVAC technician come in and talk to me about the different cooling and heating options. I told him I wanted the temperature in the dining room to be 73 and the temperature in kitchen to be closer to 68. The HVAC technician installed programmable thermostats. These programmable thermostats turn on when the business day is about to start and shut off after the kitchen crew leaves at night. This saves me a good deal on my cooling costs. The temperature is always perfect because I have thermostats in different areas. This allows me to control the air conditioning as a want throughout the day in the kitchen without affecting the front of house. My HVAC provider was a great help in installing the best air conditioning system I could find.

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