Climate control with the phone

I was a fervent believer in the potential of a flip-phone for decades. It did everything I asked it to do! Making calls, sending and receiving text messages, and even browsing simpler web pages were simple to do on my aged flip cell phone. As time moved on though, I started getting tired of not having the luxuries that many of my friends and family had by then. While my friends were playing online mobile games, handling task texts and more, I was still stuck with Snake. What really sealed the deal for myself and others to get a smartphone was a trip to the department store, of all venues. While I was in the store, I saw they were having a sale on their smart thermostats, my aged digital thermostat was glitching out lately and causing the air conditioner program to shut off at random times, and this seemed appreciate a unbelievable transition. The smart thermostat was reliable of course, however it could also be programmed to run a set schedule. Or, I could let the smart thermostat “learn” my preferences, and it would create a schedule autonomously! The coolest thing about the smart thermostat was the fact that I could control it using virtually any smartphone that was released in the past few years. The prospect of controlling the heating and air conditioner program from the comfort of my bed was enough to push myself and others over the fence! So, I picked up the smart thermostat, and dropped by a store for my carrier on the way home. I couldn’t wait to install the smart thermostat and start playing with it from afar on my current cell phone!

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