Coffee shop with awful air conditioning

I’ve been working as a writer for this software company for several years now. My job is fantastic, as I can work from home as long as I have a computer with access to the internet. Plus, my work focuses on writing instruction manuals for various programs, so I get to test out all kinds of cool video games and applications. As much as I enjoy the work, I do often find myself working from a cafe, coffee shop or other such place. I can’t work in silence at my apartment – I need some kind of bustle or background noise to work! Besides, the air conditioning system in my apartment is broken, so I’m happy to find a reason to work somewhere with a functional A/C system. Lately though, my go-to spot for getting work done has been dealing with heating and air conditioning woes, too. This little coffee shop near my house has excellent internet speeds, but it comes at a cost – it’s almost eighty-five degrees in that shop all day long! Thankfully they have a small portable air conditioner or two set up in the corners of the cafe, and they also have large overhead fans to help with keeping the cool air down low. I can’t say that it’s enough to make the temperatures bearable though, as I end up having to wear nothing more than a tank top and shorts to keep cool in that place. The cafe manager has said that the heating and air conditioning repair service they usually rely on has been delayed due to the bizarre heatwave, but I don’t know if I can put up with these temperatures any longer. I might need to find a shop with better air conditioning!