Cold Birthday Gift

When I was a teenager, I was always hot. I used to feel like I was going to sweat through my clothes before I even got out the door in the morning to go to school! I really hated that feeling, too. I felt like I had to take showers all the time just to keep from smelling like a sweaty sock! Well, my parents had central air conditioning installed in our house, but they hardly ever ran the A/C in our house. I thought this was just crazy and also a waste of a perfectly good air conditioning system! I never understood why they even had central air conditioning installed in the first place if they weren’t ever going to use it! But they always said that the air conditioning bills were way too high in the summertime, and that’s why they didn’t cut the thermostat down so that the air conditioner would cut on. This was bad news for me, since I was so hot-natured and sweaty all the time! So one birthday, I think it was when I was about to turn 15 or 16, my parents asked me what I wanted as a birthday gift. And believe me, I knew exactly what I wanted! I asked them for my very own window unit air conditioner to install in my upstairs bedroom. That way, I could stay nice and cool in my room, no matter how hot they kept it downstairs with their lack of central air conditioning! They thought it sounded like a super weird birthday present, but they got me a window unit A/C anyway. After that, I was much more comfortable at home – at least while I was upstairs in my room!

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