Cold Dog

My mom went through a really bad case of empty nest syndrome whenever my brothers and sister and I moved out of the house and went to work and to college. She was depressed for a really long time and she was literally bored out of her gourd. I was getting pretty worried about her when my sister suggested that she get either a job or a dog. Well, my mom wasn’t too keen on the idea of going back to work, so she ended up with a new dog. Now, my mom has become the most annoying dog mother that you’ve ever met. She babies that animal like you wouldn’t believe, and it’s driving me crazy. It’s even started to affect other things in her life like her home’s heating and air conditioning system. She says that her little dog was too cold all the time and so she had a brand new state of the art oil furnace installed in her downstairs furnace room. She ended up totally resetting all of the settings on her digital programmable thermostat just to meet the whims of her dog! She has decided that he needs to have the heating set at exactly 74 degrees at all times. This isn’t such a big deal in the wintertime, I guess. I mean, the temperatures outside to get really cold, but I think 74 degrees is a little excessive. But seriously, 74 degrees in the summertime is absolutely ridiculous! She won’t even think of turning the A/C down even when it’s burning up inside the house. She says that she’s afraid her poor little dog might catch a chill from the air conditioning.

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