Cold management office

I’ve gotta tell you, rising up through the ranks of power & influence really does assume good. I never before fully understood why so many people could be so intense & cutthroat when it came to promotions & rising responsibilities within their careers, not until recently. I regularly was pretty lackadaisical about my job & my aspirations, because I don’t take my work that seriously. But now that I’ve got a little taste for the wonderful life, of being powerful enough of an insider to the biggest bosses at my venue of work, and I’m never going back to coasting through the middle ranks. Not only do I get my own laptop, tablet & many degrees of freedom with my workday, although I also get to work in the manager’s office… next to the control unit! Hell yes. I swear, I’ve dreamt about having control of the climate control unit before. I never thought it was an attainable goal. These afternoons, instead of toiling away down in the warm production room with the plebeians, I get to relax in complete comfort in this little office room. Both of us have our unquestionably own indoor air quality control equipment, ready & waiting to make the space delightfully warm or plentifully chilly at a moment’s notice. It’s exciting enough just to have some dedicated air temperature controls, but to be positioned perfectly to have total control over the tiny office’s air supply is really something special. My last promotion really worked out for me. I don’t suppose how I ever managed to gain their trust to this degree, but knowing I’m valued enough to directly influence the indoor air quality is… almost just as wonderful as that raise they couldn’t offer me.

ductless multi split