Cold on the campus

When I was in college, my roommate was always the one who was complaining about the cold.

I will say, that the school could have sprung for a bit more heating in the dorm, but I wasn’t complaining as much as she was.

I sometimes wonder if it wasn’t because she came from the south or that she had something wrong with her blood, but she couldn’t get warm no matter what she did. Her birthday was in early November and that was when our friendship really blossomed. I bought her an electric blanket. She didn’t talk much about her family, but she was so grateful for the blanket. I figured that she had to be from the deep south. To be honest, her accent was also a big hint, so the fact that she was more used to a hot and humid weather, was just a given. Although I didn’t think the dorms were overly cold, when it came to some of the classrooms, even I was shivering. I am positive that some of the classrooms must have shared the same ancient heating system. There didn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where your classes were or what part of the campus classrooms were on. Regardless of where the classrooms were, it was a crap shoot as to what kind of heating would be available. I had a couple classes with my roommate and I had to admit that these rooms were almost frigid. She came into class bundled up like it was sub zero and I could tell she couldn’t concentrate without heating.
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