Cold snap without a heater

Since my husband and I usually go on vacation during the month of April, we have a lot of things to consider before leaving.  A couple years ago, we headed to the shore for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary. It was the middle of April, and it was mild when we got to the shore.  Neither of us thought about the weather when we took off in our Classic car. We were almost there, when the snow began to fly. We didn’t have snow tires on the car, and he hadn’t considered needing to check the heating.  He had checked the AC, but not the heat. When we went to turn the heater on, all we got was cold air. Can you imagine a climate control system that only worked when air conditioning was needed? We didn’t either. We had to pull over at the nearest car shop and have our car’s climate control checked out.  The HVAC technician was laughing when he came out of the shop. He said that he had to do an eviction before he could fix the heater. Our car had been in storage for six months and it had picked up a new tenant. A small family of field mice had built their nest inside our HVAC system. Once he evicted the mice, he was able to get the heater working again.  We were okay without the snow tires, but the heater was a necessity. We were just grateful he was able to fix our HVAC system without a lot of expense or time.

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