College is not for me

We cleaned the components and we even cleaned the air filter.

I wasn’t the one who wanted to go to college, but my brother did. Since we were twins, my dad thought it was good for me to go to college, and my brother could look out for me. We are fraternal twins, meaning we are one boy and one girl. We look a lot alike, but I happen to be a girl. I am almost a foot shorter than my twin brother and where he has blonde hair and blue eyes, I have raven hair and blue eyes. A lot of people think he is my boyfriend, but I think he is somewhat of a boor and I did not want to go to college with him. I was quick to make a friend of my roommate. Neither of us really wanted to be there and we both hated the air quality. I told her I thought it was the HVAC system in the room. It was funny that both of our dads were HVAC technician. Together, we were pretty sure we could take the HvAC unit apart and find out why it smelled so badly. That first night, after lights out, we used our flashlights and worked on the HVAC unit. We found that it hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. We cleaned the components and we even cleaned the air filter. When we turned it back on, the airflow was better and the smell of the air coming out was pure and clean. Our air quality was already improving. I thought it was going to be a great year of college until my brother showed up and ruined it. I am spending as much time with him in college, as I did at home because he is dating my roommate.

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