Comfort in the car

I never was envious of the job taxi drivers did, but on the other hand I loved driving around town and always wondered if I could make a living at it. Now that Uber and Lyft have come along and taxi cabs are on the road to being obsolete, I finally get to try my hand at it! For the last couple of months I have been driving people around town by using the Uber app, and I love it. It did require me to make some upgrades to my vehicle, though, because my clunker car was getting my bad reviews. It wasn’t so much the car, which drove fine, it was the air conditioner in the car that caused me problems. It turns out that people don’t mind paying a little more for comfort, and that no one wants a ride for a fun night out in a car with no AC. It seemed like a little thing to me, because I like driving with the windows down and the AC turned off anyway, but I was never going to make it as a driver like this. I ponied up the money I needed and got the air conditioner in the car completely replaced. At the same time I replaced the upholstery in the back seat, to combine with that new cooling system and give my passengers a super comfortable ride. Since I got the new AC and the new back seat, my reviews on the app have all been positive, and now I am driving as my full time job.