Concerns with our heater

During the Winter we all worry about our HVAC system.  It’s normal considering the uneven temperatures in the extreme Northeast that can be deadly if you don’t have a furnace. In several remote towns there are limited resources when it comes to dealers who are able to service as well as update these systems in the event of a failure, then you need to think that whomever you contact has the expertise as well as resources to service multiple systems.  Some of the homes in our section are well over one hundred years old as well as the HVAC unit can be half that as well. For this reason, our local HVAC business searched out individuals who are willing to complete their certification, but, willing to learn hands on too. Modern training programs don’t prepare you for the service call on a fifty year old boiler. If an individual is only willing to job on newer systems that they learned about in school, they are actually of no use to a small town HVAC worker that has been on the job for twenty plus years.  You need to be able to come up with creative ways to service some of the these older systems as well as think how to diagnose the concern accurately. Many of those things can’t be learned in up-to-date textbooks. The people who job in our section learn several things the on the job as well as be open minded to using these creative techniques. Years ago, before all these high tech advances as well as certification programs, everyone entered an apprentice program to learn a trade. Many of these programs actually provided people a better education as well as prepared them for a lifelong career.

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