Concert Suite

My fiance is super romantic.  He loves to surprise me in every way possible.  His proposal was a wonderful surprise. I wanted to go to a R&B concert last summer so badly, and he knew about it.  He pretended that he had to travel for work that weekend, so I assumed we weren’t going to the concert. Last minute, he told me to get ready.  He surprised me with suite tickets for the concert. It was the hottest day of the summer, but I didn’t feel a thing. In the suite, we had our own cooling system.  It kept us nice and comfortable throughout the entire concert. I was so happy. I could tell that everyone in the crowd was dripping with sweat from the summer heat.  It was so lovely feeling the cool air blowing on my face while enjoying the music. Suddenly, in the middle of the concert, I noticed my fiance sweating. I was confused by how he could be sweating when it was so cool in the suite.  I quickly realized he was sweating from being so nervous. Five minutes later, during my favorite song, I turned around and saw the suite was empty. All I found was my fiance on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand. There were red roses all throughout the suite and chocolate covered strawberries.  I was in tears within seconds. He really is the most thoughtful person I know. He knows how to blow me away! We will be married in four months, and I cannot wait!