Cons of outdoor camping

                From time to time, I wonder why I ever went camping as a kid.  Now that I am grown up and can make my own choices, I know I would not have gone camping had I been given a choice back then.  Why anyone would elect to go out in the woods, sleep outside, as well as be bothered with mosquitoes, is beyond me. I don’t like the method of camping, and I don’t even enjoy picnicking unless I can do it inside the house, with the air conditioning or heating running.  I’m just not an outdoorsy person, and I don’t remember even liking the camping scene, when I was a kid.

                 Most times we had the same camping spot and the only thing that made it bearable was the child who was in the campsite next to us.  He hated camping almost as much as I did. It gave us a common bond and we built a relationship. When I got married, he was in our wedding gathering, so we also built a great friendship.  He went to Heating & Air Conditioning school, and I became a lawyer. Last week, I wanted to have a picnic in our basement. I had a problem with our air conditioning so I called my friend.

                 He told me that he would repair the A/C if he was invited to the picnic.  I laughed and said I hadn’t sent out invitations yet, but he would be the first to get 1.  We had a grand indoor picnic last week, and the food as well as A/C both got more than one thumbs up.  I am so glad I went camping and met this guy that year.

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