Considering heaters in your new home:

When it comes to efficiency, not every method is equal – a fact we have all learned the hard way many times over in life. However, as we have all also learned is the importance of efficiency. Now, depending on the desired outcome and particular variables of the circumstance, many times the most efficient approach may change. For instance, if one is looking to travel across the country with a gas-guzzling road blazer, then the most efficient path for them to take will be the shortest one. However, saving money on gas, may mean the cost of time as the shortest path to travel is not always the fastest when it comes to the roadway. However contrary to the previous example, the most efficient heating system for one’s home may not depend nearly as much on certain preferences. In considering three different types of efficiency people may prefer, when looking to install a central heating method, we will determine a singular central heating method that is most efficient and one that is least efficient. For the first kind of efficiency people may desire, “financial costs,” we will include the lifetime installation and yearly costs to use one’s central heating method. For another kind of efficiency regarding a central heater, we will consider “energy conversion” and how much mechanical work must be done to produce the warmed air. For the final preference of efficiency, we will consider “environmental efficiency” to help further compare each system one can purchase to heat their home. In regards to each of these three different considerations, the most efficient approach is solar heating and the least efficient approach is purchasing an electric heater.

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