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My grandfather died several years ago, but my grandmother has been fine living on her own. She kept up with house and the yard all by herself. This all changed a couple months ago, when we began to notice some things going undone. The first thing I noticed was the mail piling up in the mailbox. I asked grandma about it, but she seemed confused about it. Ater that, I began to notice other things. My fiance and I tried to get her to move in with us, but she was too fond of her autonomy and resisted the idea. Reluctantly, we let go of it. Then one afternoon she called me and calmly explained that she thought the furnace was on fire and smoke was everywhere. I told her to get out of the house and I called the fire department. After that, I called the neighbor to keep an eye on her until I could get there. Once I arrived, the fire department was already there and were trying to find the furnace. Grandma pointed it out to them. The firefighter came back out of the house carrying the toaster oven. He explained that grandma thought it was the furnace and that the actual furnace had nothing wrong with it. After that, my fiance and I decided we needed to try once again to get grandma to move in with us. This furnace confusion was an excellent reason.

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