Continually changing up the workout

I used to go for a run every single morning.

  • I would sometimes run ten to fifteen miles, and I started having lots of trouble with my feet, knees and hips.

I eventually realized that too much of any type of workout is a mistake. I needed to mix things up and incorporate different forms of exercise into my daily routine. While I still love to go for a long run, I’ve decided that once a week is sufficient. I now make an effort to target all of the various muscles and joints of the body. I’ve seen the advantages of combining cardio workouts with stretches, static holds and strength training. I pay more attention to the importance of a good and thorough warmup, making sure to devote extra time to my neck, wrists and ankles. I’ve significantly increased my flexibility and improved my balance. I hold very demanding body positions for anywhere between one and two minutes. I’ve found that plank position, headstands and standing with one leg extended parallel to the ground have been great for core strength. Just recently, I’ve started investing in some equipment that has been especially beneficial. I bought a foam roller that helps massage the muscles, reduce soreness and speed recovery time. I’ve watched a series of training videos produced by professional MMA fighters that introduced me to some really amazing stretching exercises, movements and shadow boxing drills. By continually changing up my routine, I not only utilize my whole body but stay motivated. I challenge myself on a daily basis and have a sense of accomplishment as I improve.



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