Cooking and our a/c system

I savor a big stack of pancakes in the late morning. It’s our preferred dinner, along with some fresh orange juice as well as fried potatoes and onions. My wifey usually has this ready for me when I wake up. A few days ago, I woke up separate from the smell of crispy bacon in the air. When I walked to the kitchen, our wifey was standing at the kitchen table. She had a glass of ice water in her hand, which was quite unusual. When I asked about the pancakes, she provided me a mean look. She told me that the A/C had not been actually working all afternoon. I had not really paid attention the sizzling climate, until our wifey said something. She did not want to add any more heat to the indoor air by cooking, until the two of us could have the A/C investigated. I agreed that was smart. All of us called our A/C repair service as well as made an appointment for a/c service that afternoon. It was the first appointment slot that they had available. All of us decided to go to a nearby bistro for dinner. It felt cool inside, as well as I was ecstatic to order something I don’t usually eat. All of us enjoyed the A/C, along with our eggs benedict as well as decaf coffee. All of us used the time to get a little shopping done as well. All of us didn’t have any cool A/C at the residence, so the two of us tried to guess of everything the two of us could do indoors. When the two of us finally hat to head back to the house, it was particularly sizzling indoors. All of us were both ecstatic to have spent most of  our time away from the house. Thankfully, the two of us only had a minimal amount of time to wait for the A/C repair service to arrive.

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