Cooking with window ac on

My aunt’s cooking is a thing of legend. At a young age, she discovered her passion for cooking and would spend most of her free time in the kitchen. As she got older, she entered contests and her recipes became extremely popular throughout her small town. While she was attending college, she became friends with a famous chef who trained her and gave her the skills she needed to come back home and open her own restaurant. Even with all of her success, she never forgot her family and her Sundays have always been dedicated to making huge family dinners. Every Saturday, my sisters and I would spend the night, using the evening to help her prep for the next day. We always knew when she was getting ready to cook because the house would get very cold, her philosophy being if you aren’t sweating when you are cooking then you aren’t doing it right. No matter what time of year, my aunt would go around the house and turn on all of the old window air conditioners, sneaking into the guest room in the early morning to crank the air conditioning unit on high and add another blanket to our bed to keep us warm. Every Sunday, all of those old air conditioning units would be blasting cold air until they finally stopped working. My aunt can’t cook without air conditioning, so she recycled her old cooling units and installed a central air conditioning system. My aunt is still blasting cold air and cooling on Sundays, that cold rush of air from an air conditioning unit will always remind me of Sunday cooking at my aunt’s house.

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