Ever since moving into my new apartment one year ago, I’ve really tried to become more independent.  Part of that includes cooking for myself. During the first month in my apartment, I ordered take out food all the time.  Then, I started to teach myself to cook. I have fallen in love with experimenting with new flavors and learning how to cook new dishes.  There is only one thing that stops me from cooking as often as I’d like. My apartment is so tiny and it overheats very quickly. My tiny oven can make my entire apartment feel like a sweatbox.  It can be really aggravating, especially during the summertime. Any time I want to cook dinner in the summertime, I crank up my air conditioning unit to full speed before I begin cooking. Believe it or not, I still end up sweating while I’m cooking.  It doesn’t matter how hard the air conditioning unit is working. My apartment is relentless. I’ve asked my landlord to look into this for me many times. Eventually, he decided to come take a look. He brought an HVAC consultant with him because he initially thought that something was wrong with the air conditioning unit.  Turns out, the issue was with the ventilation, not the air conditioning unit. The apartment only has two tiny vents. These vents aren’t large enough to let the hot air escape from the apartment. The HVAC consultant informed me that there isn’t anything they can do to help me. The apartment was designed poorly and it would require major renovations.  I have been left to deal with this uncomfortable situation for the past eight months. Hopefully, I can find someplace new to live that won’t get in the way of my love for cooking.

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