Cool Water

My husband works as a delivery driver for a water company, and they deliver water all over the county. He loves his job, and he’s been doing it for the past five years of so. The only thing that he doesn’t really like about the water delivery truck job is the fact that the truck has to remain air conditioned at all times. They are very picky about keeping their water bottles at a nice cool temperature at all times, even though the truck cab itself isn’t air conditioned. The A/C system inside my husband’s truck cab broke about a month ago, and the maintenance guys at the water company headquarters still haven’t called the air conditioning company to get it fixed. I think that’s pretty crazy, considering the fact that they want all of the water to remain at a constant temperature. I mean, the water in the box truck behind him stays nice and cool with the air conditioning running, but my poor husband has to sit up front and drive to all of his water deliveries in a hot truck with no A/C! So the water stays nice and cool, but he sure doesn’t! I told him to complain about it, but he’s really not a guy who likes to complain very much, especially to his boss. He told me that he will just continue to use what he calls “nature’s air conditioning” until they finally get around to repairing the thermostat unit in the front part of the truck. He says if he gets too hot, he just goes back and sits with the water for a while when he parks the truck for a delivery.