Cooling down and heating up

I really need to starts thinking some of my purchases through… When our furnace idea broke, I wanted to replace it with a new oil furnace… I read and heard about radiant floors and liked what I learned. So, I jumped on the radiant flooring idea and schedules for the radiant heating set up immediately. I should have looked into how the furnace is installed. Instead, I had to find out while the heating and air conditioning provider was there.  However, my brand new home office tile had to be ripped up in order to locale the electric mats under the floors. My number one carpet in the office was pried up for the mats… Also our wood flooring that was original to the house was totally ruined. I had to get new flooring for the home office and it is just not the same. All of the labor that involved ripping up the floors cost me too. I had to spend additional money for that, the heating replacement and to set up brand new floors on top of it. It was way more of a heating expense than I was expecting. Now the I have the radiant floors, I do love them. But, I don’t love the central radiant heater enough to warrant that big cost. A plain old furnace or fireplace would have just set right up in the home office. It would have taken hours, not days. There would only be one bill with the furnace replacement too. Next time I’m expecting a large expense, I will look more into what comes with it. I don’t want to be surprised this badly this again.