Cooling dreams

I had the most wild and wonderful dream the other night, so vivid that when I woke up I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming or not. In this dream I left my house and started hiking up a long, winding nature trail through the woods. From this trail I could see deserts and oceans, rainforests and wide open plains, all under a crystal blue sky. The trail lead me to the arctic wasteland of the north, where the winds were so cold they seemed to cut through my clothes like knives made of ice. I woke up to find that my air conditioner was going crazy, and blasting out a ridiculous amount of cooling. The cooling was so intense it had invaded my dream, and made my mind craft a vivid vision of a arctic chill. I was confounded when I tried to turn the AC off and it wouldn’t shut down. I even unplugged the AC unit from the wall, and still it blasted out a strong gust of cold wind. The AC blew stronger and stronger, until I was shivering, at which point I woke up for real and realized the whole thing was a dream. The AC wasn’t even turned on at all, because it was a chilly night and I had left the windows open. During the night a cold front had moved in, colder than any air conditioner, and invaded my sleep. So I closed up all the windows, turned off the heater, and went back to the cozy warmth of my bed.

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