Cooling function on the thermostat

Like most jobs, there are a few cool bonuses to the work that I currently do, but first of all, my direct boss is never around; She essentially wants me to run the place for her. Secondly, I don’t have a crazy schedule to get to start whenever I show up each afternoon, that means I miss a ton of traffic and never have to set alarms in the morning, however lastly, I just so happened to be seated right next to the temperature control thermostat in the office when I do show up for work, i cannot express to you how crucial this has been for my continued happiness within the dealer, but you see, while it sounds like I have a totally easy gig, I can get pretty hot under the collar around there when the usual shenanigans are happening. It seems cool not to ever see your boss – but when you’re brand new to the position, it’s absolutely quite a debate about whether or not this is a good idea. That’s why I often find myself getting all tepid hot plus bothered as I rest at my desk at work, taking confusing direction from all channels except my supervisor! As my frustration grows, so does my inside body temperature, I swear. I literally begin heating up and dripping with sweat through my shirt as the confusion grows each day. That’s when I’m more grateful than ever before to have access to the indoor thermostat over my desk each afternoon. As the pressure and temperature grow, at least the indoor air quality can stay mellow and low.

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