Cooling off the new sunroom

Both of us are still sort of new to this area & the weather conditions.

  • Actually, the weather & the natural beauty of the area is what brought us here.

Having spent a lifetime of winters dealing with Heating & A/C heating systems & such, both of us were more than ready to head south to warmer climes. I wasn’t genuinely sure what I was in for when both of us came here. All I cared about was what I wasn’t in for. Living where both of us did for all those years, I developed a real dread for the winter. There was a time that being cozy inside with the Heating & A/C & seeing it snow was a good deal. But, then the idea of snow turned from a beauty to a beast. There was just so much to do to deal with all that snow & ice. I also knew I wouldn’t miss worrying about the oil furnace making it through the winter. That was typically so stressful. Here, I have a heat pump that makes short work of the mild Winter time un-even temperatures. However, the heat of Summer was something that took some getting used to. And, both of us found out pretty quick that our number one area of our house was off limits when the heat hit. I’m talking about the sunroom. When both of us purchased our little house, both of us were blissful to finally have a sunroom. It got so much use until the un-even temperatures started getting to a point that both of us couldn’t even rest out there. Then the Heating & A/C people came & suggested that both of us put in a ductless Heating & A/C component in the sunroom. Now, both of us are right in heaven. Both of us have all the goodness of the sunshine however a nice cool room to relax.
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