Coordinating with a few people

Have you ever tried painting in the dark before? While I don’t recommend it, I have unfortunately been forced to give it a try lately as I am a professional painter and keep having issues with the lighting in my home. Sure, this strategy might work for some of abstract masterpiece, but it’s not my personal taste, so obviously I’m having difficulties getting through my weekly work. I’ve been doing everything in my power to keep the lights on around here, however my heating system isn’t having it; then no, the old heating device hasn’t come to life in order to ruin my indoor lighting. It seems the outdated forced air heating system has an electrical issue that instantly turns my bright and welcoming lake home into a dark dungeon. It all started a few days ago when I was trying to finish my latest painting. I was feeling a bit chilled now working down in the frigid plus damp basement air, so I pulled out my iPhone to change the temperature settings through our smart thermostat app. I saw the thermostat settings initiate plus heard the heating system kick into gear, when my world hastily went black. I couldn’t see a damn thing down in the basement, plus the home was eerily silent without the air handler running. I ventured upstairs carefully and found a brilliant flashlight. I wandered out to the garage to access the circuit breaker and had the home lit up again within minutes. Next, I went over to reset the thermostat and HVAC system, then well, it was about a 20 seconds into my painting when the furnace kicked on again, followed by complete darkness. Apparently, I’ve concluded, there’s a wiring issue in my heating system that zaps my circuit breaker every time energy hits the system.

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