Could not do the thermostat controls

My sibling has a condo automation system. I did not realize this when I agreed to apartment kneel for a long weekend. I arrived to his condo plus realized that everything connects to a pad on his wall. The smart pad control his lighting, security system plus Heating plus A/C system. Because I was not coming over until later, my sibling had set his A/C machine off. He did not want to waste currency providing A/C until I was there. Well I arrived plus could not figure out his condo automation system. I wanted some A/C for my weekend stay. I messed around with the pad until I started freaking out that I was going to split it. Everything is on a quarterly schedule. I found the security cameras plus how to fix the angles on them. I found the lighting plus the timer that turns them on plus off. What I did not find was the heating plus cooling program. I wanted to find the smart temperature control icon plus turn up the A/C system. That is all I needed to do. I freaked out about ruining everything else in my sibling’s apartment though, then so I just provided up plus lived without quality A/C the whole time I was at his place. It was a actually long weekend going without any sort of AC. I did not admit to my sibling that I could not figure out his system though. He would have made fun of me for it. Next time I apartment kneel I will need to learn though.

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