Cranking the HVAC

I love going to the theatre, but I hate the theatre itself.  Last night, I went to the theatre, and I had a great time. I didn’t care that I had wasted almost twenty dollars to get in, because it was a lousy movie.  I felt like this the last time, when I had to go to the movies, because it was the only thing to do in our little town. I’ve got a horrible opinion of the theatre, and I’ll tell you way.  First off, they charge you the most inflated prices for large boxes of candy, that don’t have much more in them than the regular size, but they say they are bigger. The second thing I hate about the theatre is that nearly every movie I have seen in the last ten years, has been terribly disappointing, and I walk away wondering I wasted my money, when I could have spent it on something that I really wanted or needed.  The final reason is because they have terrible HVAC in this movie house. They always have the air conditioning on so high that I shiver the whole time. Each time I walk in, I swear that I won’t return, because of the air conditioning, but then a friend asks me to go, and I forget how bad the air conditioning is. Last weekend, my girlfriend convinced me to go, and everyone was walking out before the movie started. The air conditioning had broken, and it was warm in the theatre.  For the first time, I didn’t have to wear a sweater the entire time, and I had a marvelous time in the empty theatre.