Crashing into the a/c unit

It took my husband plus I more than 2 years to save up enough money for our up-to-date air conditioning system. Both of us needed something that was extremely energy efficient, plus my husband plus I did not want to go in debt in the least. Both of us saved currency for roughly 2 years, simply by eating at at dwelling plus carpooling to work. Both of us installed the up-to-date air conditioning appliance a few weeks ago, plus it has worked pretty much like a charm. The air conditioning appliance hardly ever runs, because the appliance is so efficient! Our whole house stays much cooler for longer, plus there is much less humidity in the air. My husband plus I have enjoyed using the air conditioning appliance both of us worked really hard to earn. Just the other weekend, both of us had some powerful thunderstorms in our area. Both of us had serious rain, lightning, plus golf ball-sized hail. The sizable tree in our neighbor’s yard was hit by lightning… Sadly, it toppled over plus fell right on top of our garage. The corner of our dwelling was severely damaged, including all of the items inside. Our up-to-date air conditioning appliance was crushed something like a Sprite can. Both of us have been reduced to using a window air conditioning appliance, while the insurance company works out our repairs. The window air conditioning appliance only cools just one room. Both of us had to obtain estimates from building Contractors, Heating plus A/C appliance companies, plus plumbing companies. There was a large amount of destruction, plus it will entirely take a few weeks of construction to repair all of the problems. I honestly believe the insurance company will update our air conditioning appliance unit, however it makes myself and others terribly uneasy to see that unit reduced to nothing but rubble.

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