Curbside window A/C:

My dad and I are Metal scrappers. On Tuesday Mornings, the trash and recycling goes out. My dad and I get up very early in the morning, in order to pull all of the metal things out of everyone’s trash. On an average week, my dad and I will scrap a hundred dollars worth of metal. Considering it only takes us an hour or two, it’s a pretty good return. A few weeks ago, we found a window A/C unit sitting on the curb. The window A/C unit appeared to be in good shape, and we didn’t understand why someone would throw it away. My dad and I stuck the A/C unit in the back of our truck, and took it home to see if it was still working. Surprisingly, the A/C unit turned on and started putting out cold air into the atmosphere. We couldn’t understand why they decided to get rid of a perfectly functioning window A/C unit. The next week, my dad and I were in the same neighborhood, collecting metal refuse. We drove into the same neighborhood, and found another window A/C unit in the trash. It was a few houses down from the other one, but in the same neighborhood. We didn’t think we would get lucky a second time, but that A/C unit still work also. We assumed these people must have upgraded to a central HVAC unit. My dad and I were lucky to get the A/C unit before the trash collector. We cleaned them up and sold them on Craigslist. My dad and I got $75 for each one of the A/C units.

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