Curtains can help the HVAC

I have a lot to learn as a first time homeowner.

I thought I would simply have a lawn to mow, garbage cans to take to the curb once a week, a wndeeds to pull from around the sidewalks in our yard.

I was really wrong with all of these assumptions. The new home had plumbing woes from the beginning. I put out almost $1,000 in repairs before the plumber finally resolved the issue. I had the homeowner’s association banging on my door because the paint on my home was a strange color. The seller never said anything about ongoing disputes with the HOA, but the board members knew. My attorney was able to sort out the legal problems, while I was trying to figure out why the air conditioner was struggling throughout the afternoon. I had several HVAC dealers inspect our AC unit and they all assured me that nothing was wrong. The air conditioner was a perfect match for the square footage of our house. One of them realized that I had a lot of windows on the west side of the home with no blinds or curtains. There was so much sunlight coming through the window that it was raising the temperature inside home. By investing in thermal curtains, I was able to manage our air conditioner and it began to cycle normally. I also managed to retain some of the cool air that was being lost through some of ourthe windows. It only cost me about $50 to buy the curtains I needed. I can’t believe what a difference they made to my HVAC costs



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