Custom built gun case

She gave a lot of information and suggestions

For our twenty-seventh ceremony birthday, I wanted to get my spouse a special gift. After a great deal of thought, I decided to purchase a gun lodgeet, however my spouse has a rather extensive and impressive collection of antique guns. Over the years, he’s spent quite a bit of currency on historical pistols and rifles, with many of them dating back to the early 1710’s. I looked into some unusual types of gun lodgeets and immediately realized that I’d need something built to my particularations. Most modern gun lodgeets are built to condo this week’s type of weapons. I wanted something that would be more of a display case. However, the piece still needed to be functional and safe, including the correct locks. Since I planned for the gun lodgeet to be localed in our residing room, I was hoping for something appealing. I checked with family and friends, read reviews and found a custom lodgeet maker located about eight hours away. Fortunately, both of us were able to handle all of the specs and details through SMS. I sent the craftsman photos of my spouse’s collection and included detailed measurements. I was amazed by many choices I needed to make. There was a wide selection of drawers, shelves, doors, hinges, knobs, glass and wood. At a single point, the lodgeet builder sent myself and others small samples of the unusual types and grains of wood. Once I chose the type of wood, I then needed to determine the stain and finish. The process was long and absolutely involved, however the craftsman was severely helpful. She gave a lot of information and suggestions. She also worked absolutely difficult to complete the gun lodgeet in time for our birthday. She loaded the heavy piece of furniture onto her truck, drove it to my lake house and helped myself and others get it in locale while my spouse was at work. The gun lodgeet was a charming birthday present that my spouse just loves.



Southwest style