Custom made bookcase ruined by moisture in the indoor air quality

I spent a fortune having a bookcase custom made for my home.

My office is very narrow but taller than most rooms in the house. I had a custom furniture store make the bookcase the perfect size for the office and all out of hard oak. The glass was strategically placed in the case to show the front, side and a portion of the back of the book. It is the coolest thing I have ever owned before. I got to enjoy it for around 3 months before I ruined it. The simple reason is that my HVAC device was not set properly. I never considered how air quality can affect wood. Apparently if the air quality is too dry, wood can split. If the air quality is too moist, the wood will swell and warp. Well, my climate never gets all that warm, I don’t even bother with AC. When summer came around, I just let my bookcase get super hot. The moisture from outside got into my house and my indoor air quality got really moist. Not only did mold form along the wood and around the glass, but the wood warped. The bookcase now is slightly off. It is no longer perfectly wedged into my office, but at an angle. It also looks like it is going to fall over. I spent a fortune on the it and it looks terrible. All of this is because I don’t own AC or a dehumidifier. Either of those HVAC pieces would have saved my wood case. It is too late now though.

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