Customizing the settings

My life is harshly hectic, and I try to find ways to simplify it in every way possible.  Between the extracurricular activities of our young children, the care of multiple pets, our full time jobs, and household upkeep, there is never time to spare.  I have trouble finding an opportunity to do the regular household chores like the laundry, buy groceries or scrub the bathrooms. I don’t have the time, money or patience to deal with costly repairs.  I need all of the systems in our condo to operate reliably and efficiently all of the time. So to prevent repair surprises, I found a local contractor who handles heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services.  I enrolled in a maintenance repair program which includes the regular inspection of all of these essential systems. Twice a year, the contractor calls me and reminds me to schedule a maintenance appointment. A qualified contractor arrives at the condo to complete a thorough inspection of the plumbing pipes, drains, electrical wires, ductwork, furnace and air conditioner system.  The contractor performs the necessary repairs or upgrades broken parts so that I don’t deal with abrupt malfunctions and addresses any other areas of concern. After the evaluation, I can be sure that the plumbing, wires, heating plus cooling systems are operating at peak energy efficiency, which saves my family money on our annually energy bills. During the last service, the contractor advised that I invest in an automation system for our condo.  An automation system would link essential home appliances into a single control which I can then access through a WIFI connection from anywhere. I can use our smartphone, PC or ipad to change the thermostat setting, get maintenance alerts for the furnace, keep tabs on the air conditioner or simply turn the lights on or off.

jos frederick and sons