Dad is convinced he’s safe from COVID with apartment remedy

Occasionally I easily worry about our family members.

I guess that a lot of them still live in the Deep South, where it is not exactly enlightened at this point; Unfortunately, this can be hazardous to them, their social opinions, as well as even their health.

This recently was the case when I was speaking to our dad as well as realized he had some unfounded delusions about keeping himself safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, then he called myself and others up to ask how I was faring because our state was still under lockdown. I told him everything was fine, as well as I was safely staying indoors in our high quality indoor air. I wasn’t worried about contracting the virus because I was the only person breathing our air conditioned air. When I said this, our dad simply laughed as well as said he was having immense get togethers on a regular basis. He was equally confident in his safety, because he had treated his air filters to kill the virus, however my dad then proceeded to lecture myself and others on decreasing our air filters so I could also be safe, no, he wasn’t recommending HEPA filtration or advanced media air cleaners like that. Instead, he was spreading false information about indoor air as well as airborne contaminants that might entirely hurt someone. He said, keeping the virus away from your indoor breathing air was as simple as dowsing your air filters with hand sanitizer. I was an idiot if I didn’t replace our air filters, disinfect our air ducts with bleach, as well as put away our face mask, then everything I said about the viral outchop upset him, as he demanded our Heating as well as Air Conditioning system was the key. Maybe I should stop talking to our dad for a few months…



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