Damaging the window

After graduate school, my girlfriend moved in with some of her friends.  This arrangement worked out great for the first year. However, now that the two of us are getting more serious, it would be nice to have some more privacy… It seems that there is typically someone coming in or going out at her place and I still love at home with my mom and dad.  After a long talk, my girlfriend and I decided it was perhaps time to get a place of our own. So the search commenced, it has been 3 months and the two of us can’t seem to find a place that we both agree on. I am picky about the cost and the amenities, while she is particular about the views and location.  Her and I need to come to some sort of agreement if the two of us are going to live together for any length of time. I have tried to slender down the choices to make it less confusing and I am willing to pay a little extra money to make her content. My number one request, above all others, is the fact that the place needs to have a good Heating and A/C system.  Window units are unacceptable for us. I suppose this is 1 section that the two of us can both agree upon so at least that is a start. The last place the two of us looked at had a decent boiler system for heat during the wintertime. But, no opportunity for a/c for when it gets hot out. The owner said that the I couldn’t even install a window unit because he was afraid it would disfigure the woodwork. I hope that the two of us will eventually find a place that we both can agree on.

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