Dance studio HVAC is everything

There are places when you can bundle up at work, but my job is not one of them! I have the joy of being able to do what I love for my full time career, but that does not mean it is at all easy. Rather, its that I enjoy my work so much that I am not phased when obstacles come my way. My first studio was not an easy one to work in for a dance instructor. I specialize in modern dance for students of all ages, and recently finally mastered the additional schools of classical movement. However, the problem with my old studio was the HVAC was not up to par. This simply does not work when your students are often under the age of ten. No parent wants to send their kids to dance studio for class when the place is barely in the 50s, and I couldn’t blame them for it. So I focused on working with adults who were happy to get very affordable classes, even if it meant wearing sweaters during warmup. I then saved and hunted till I found a studio with awesome HVAC. I even investigated other businesses in the complex to be sure the heating and cooling were working great throughout the building. Well I moved to that studio three years ago, and I’ve never looked back since. The heating and cooling settings here are quick to respond to my needs, so the thermostat is always at the perfect setting for students of all ages.

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