Dealing with the colder temperatures of a hospital

I work as a receptionist at a hospital.

  • I’ve been well aware for a long time that the reason that hospitals are so cold is to fight the spread of germs.

This knowledge doesn’t make it any easier on me when I try to keep warm at work. I always have to bring extra layers of clothing, and I of course need to make sure that I am still recognizable as a receptionist. There is a dress code and I need to have my badge visible. I suppose it does look a little unprofessional when the air conditioner drives me to dress in what is essentially winter clothing typically suited for outside weather in the winter time! However, that is how I keep myself comfortable. This is a particular problem when it actually is the wintertime, as the hospital must still remain cold. I could swear that I’ve caught a bug because of the colder hospital at times during the winter, but it could just as easily be some germs that weren’t quite eradicated by the strict temperatures and cleanliness standards. I certainly dream of visiting a nice, warm beach somewhere whenever I’m working. In fact, even during the summer time, being in the cold all day long actually causes me to set my air conditioner to more conservative settings once I finally get home. In fact, I may very well leave the air conditioner off entirely for a while just to warm up from work! I suppose that does save me a bit of money in the end, but I still don’t appreciate those ridiculously cold temperatures, whether they are logical or not!
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