Dehumidifier is perfect for my basement apartment

When I moved into this basement apartment, my parents were really worried for me. I love the outdoors, so I really treasure natural light and I love to have as many plants as I can. Well, the basement is a walk-in, so my plants live by the glass sliding door. As for the apartment, it’s even more of a boon that I thought would be possible. Since I have very few doors or windows, the air doesn’t have a lot of options to escape. Now, this means I needed to get an air purifier, since I don’t have a lot of air flow down here. However, the flipside of this is that there is also not a lot of ways for hot air to get in during the summer or for cold air to get to me in the winter. As a result, my basement apartment is the most comfortable places I know, and I never need to use central AC or my oil furnace to make it that way. In the summer, the natural cooling properties of being partially below ground keeps the basement perfectly comfortable. Then in the winter, the same aspect keeps me plenty warm without having to run the the oil furnace more than a tiny bit at night, when it gets bitterly cold outside. The only thing I had to deal with was the moisture, so I just bought a dehumidifier. Since buying the dehumidifier, I don’t get the cold damp feeling I used to notice on my sheets year round. Plus running a dehumidifier all the time requires very little power, so it’s affordable and doesn’t run up the utility bill.

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