Destination: HVAC Controlled Sun Room Comfort

While the summer can get really sizzling, the other 9 months of the year are perfect

Outside of several vacations, I had never left the town I grew up in. I imagine this is not considered exactly normal these days. Most of my children and their peers at least moved somewhere else for at least a while. I have lived in two homes. The first was my parents house where I was raised. The second being the house I raised my family in. Those homes are within 10 miles of each other in the same town. Just opposite ends. I have weathered 66 long, cold winters in this town. The HVAC furnace has been a constant companion my entire life. The familiar smell of it blowing heated air through our ducts is burned in my olfactory memory. And there it will stay because I don’t think I will actually experience furnace heated air again. After all those years, I have moved. It wasn’t as tough a decision as I thought it would be. I lost my husband a few years ago so, it seemed like the right time to go south. One of my children lives down south. I was able to find a little cottage not too far away from him. It’s perfect here. The weather is simply the best. While the summer can get really sizzling, the other 9 months of the year are perfect. My little cottage also comes with a sun room! I have always wanted one of those. I get up at dawn every morning to sip coffee and watch the beautiful colors of the sunrise. And the sun room has its own ductless HVAC heating and cooling system so, I am comfortable no matter the temperature.

Zone controlled HVAC