During the week, I am very busy with HVAC installation projects. Our company handles 90% of the HVAC installations in our area. Many small companies use our installation services, so they don’t need to staff as many employees. We work on a contractor basis. We offer HVAC services as well, but we are still a fairly new company. We don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on catchy advertising slogans and banners. Recently, another HVAC company hired us to perform installations during the month of December. They had tons of employees scheduled for vacations, and we were there to pick up any slack. The first two weeks of the month were very busy. We installed fifteen different heating systems, including a geothermal heat pump and radiant flooring. Last week, we ran into some trouble. We were scheduled to install a new heat pump and air conditioner. The HVAC installation appointment was set for nine in the morning. When we started driving to the address, the brakes went out on our work truck. We were on our way down a steep bridge, when we realized the problem. Luckily, we made it to a safe spot, before causing any traffic problems. Unfortunately, we had to call the HVAC company and reschedule the installation. The customer was really angry and the HVAC company wasn’t happy either. We spent all morning in the dealership, waiting for the truck to be repaired. We lost a thousand dollars in business, and our top priority HVAC company is upset. This is the first time that problems have kept us from completing a job, but it really looks awful for the company.

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