Did I make a big mistake?

Looking back now, I sort of wonder if I made a mistake by moving to the other side of the country. My family is from the West, but I decided to move to the Northeast and things are so much different here than what I am used to. The winter weather is absolutely brutal. When I lived on the West Coast, the weather would keep warm pretty much always. It only became slightly chilly every so often in the winter months, but it would never become frosty! Well now I had to worry about the HVAC system in the place I was renting. The landlord was a real jerk and wouldn’t do much of anything no matter how many complaints I made to him. I decided to purchase this little electric space heater. Of course, these heating machines aren’t designed to heat up your entire living space. I only had an apartment though which wasn’t entirely huge or anything, so that little space heater worked great for a little while. But then the winter showed me who was boss and it became so cold I couldn’t stand it. I knew it had to be against the law or something for the landlord to not do something about fixing the furnace. Not to mention the air quality was terrible in my little apartment. Eventually I decided to tell the landlord that I would call the police on him if he didn’t take care of his responsibility to his tenant and repair the heating system. I was not going to freeze to death in this place! He finally gave in and had an HVAC technician come over to my place and take care of the heating system. I was so grateful when the heat was working good in my apartment!

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