Did not get the HVAC taken care of

When the people I live with and I are approaching the Winter season, I always find myself contemplating the necessity of getting a tune-up for our Heating and A/C equipment. I feel like Heating and A/C corporations tend to stress getting that yearly checkup, but maybe just a little too much! I know that they stress things like that to just build up sales, and so that more revenue is generated. I get that it’s important to a degree, but is it that important to do every single Winter? I have gone the last two Winters with no official tune-up, and things have gone just fine. I decided to go this Winter without getting that tune-up once again, and I planned to get a tune-up the following year for giggles. As it turns out, that was a critical mistake! In the dead of the winter, our Heating and A/C system died. Oh, the horror! I called the Heating and A/C company immediately, who told me they would have to charge me for emergency services which was just absurd. At that point though, I didn’t even care – it was becoming incredibly freezing in our house! I was bundled up and had a few space heaters running to try to stay warm. I realized that I was undoubtedly foolish for not going with the yearly Heating and A/C system tune-up for our oil furnace! Even the Heating and A/C company technician was telling me that it’s not a very wise idea to skip out on that. It’s better to be safe than sorry, according to them! He was right though, as I couldn’t really accept that I believed the money was most important for these folks. Actually, it’s all about your safety and getting through the Winter time season without any concerns. How can they get business from you if you’re dead?!

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