Did not prefer driving the float with no air conditioning

I was actually happy to drive 1 of the floats at our Memorial Day parade.

I thought it would be a breeze, as well as it actually wasn’t.

I thought the float would come equipped with air conditioning, however there was no a/c to speak of. I ended up dying in the heat as well as all I had was my bottle of water to stay hydrated! My water was definitely boiling after a short while as well as I was drinking boiling water. It was awful, but I needed to stay hydrated or I wasn’t going to last through the parade. I was happy when it was finally over as well as I told everybody that I would never drive another float again if it didn’t have any climate control. Some of the other people laughed as well as said they actually did have climate control on their floats. I don’t guess who set up the float I was driving, however it seems they definitely forgot to hook up a nice climate control system for the driver. I could have passed out from heat exhaustion or something extreme prefer that. I mean, overall memorial day was nice, but I didn’t legitimately prefer the parade. I suppose I would have enjoyed it much more from the comfort of my own house with the a/c system cranked up. I tell you what, if anybody ever chooses to ask myself and others again if I want to get into the parade, it’s legitimately going to be a solid no. The only way I would even consider it is if they told myself and others about how good the climate control was.

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